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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's Dinner Time!

Amni just had her afternoon bath and she was having dinner with Bibik. Look at her almost white face! Bibik put too much powder on her face, but not to worry... because I know everyone would be smooching her after that. LOL.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Amni and Ayah Wae

Now Amni is not afraid of Ayah Wae anymore. She sometimes even let Ayah Wae to cuddle her and kiss her cheek. Maybe because she knows that Ayah Wae also has a computer, hehe. And she loves computer.

In the morning, Amni still wearing her baju kurung, playing around with Ayah Wae on the veranda. She's looking so pretty in baju kurung, hehe.

In the afternoon she follows me inside my room and took her favourite book off the shelf and sits down at her favourite place, near my bed. She reads the book to Ayah Wae, LOL.

Now she knows what she's talking about and Ayah Wae tries to understand. Both looks so cute talking about the book. I like the second pic.

Amni has grown a lot and at the age of a little over one year, she seems very bright and clever. I just can't wait until her gibberish can be clear words.