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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Good girl

Amni has grown bigger and getting more and more alert to her surrounding.

She can laugh easily and that makes me wants to hug her and kiss her.

Amni is a good baby... she seldom cries and she can play by herself while we adults do our chores.

Baby Amni is alert when she saw me, maybe she knows that I like taking her pictures. I'd like to take more pictures from different angle but Iffah is trying to get my attention. Asking me to take her picture too...


Thursday, September 18, 2008

An Afternoon with my nieces & nephew

Yesterday afternoon, I was feeling quite lonely at home since Hubby has gone out to meet his future business associate in Beris, Bachok. I've already told him that I'll be going to Chena's house if I feel lonely.

You know, who would want to stay alone for the whole day?

Right before Asr prayer, I left my house and walked a short distance to my sister's house to see my nephew and nieces. It has been a few days since I last saw Amni. I kind of miss her.

I'm so happy to play around with Amni, Iffah and Ikhwan. Big sis Iffah start nagging me to snap some photos of her and I just ablige... She was so happy and tried to make some different poses. Hmmm... kids nowadays, they grow so fast.

Amni was having a hard time to sleep. She kept waking up. Maybe she was disturbed by the noisy situation of me and her big sis and big bro playing at the computer. "Kesian Amni..."

While waiting for Chena to perform her prayer I kept the kids busy with the computer and my phone camera. Snapping here and there of Iffah and letting Ikhwan plays his game. And I got to cuddle Amni ...

I also showed Iffah my other blog and some pictures and videos of her cousins. And that makes her wants to kept rewinding the same thing again and again.

Look at Iffah posing! "Chikja, Ipah pulok..." Iffah pleading for her turn after I shoot a few pics of amni.

But Amni is a good baby and she just watched what everyone was doing around her. And she became more alert when her Ummi came. Good baby!

Ah... kids make me feel happy.

They are so adorable except when they are having tantrums.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

She really likes sleeping... 28082008

I love capturing some pictures of Amni while she's sleeping (actually most of the time I see her, she's sleeping!).
In the afternoon after coming home from Zahra' usually I'll be stopping by at my Mom's house to see my Mom & Dad and of course to kiss Amni.
And she seldom awake at that time. Anyway, it's okay with me since I can still kiss her as much as I want because her mother let me and I get to cuddle her too. Baby's smell is heavenly....