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Friday, October 24, 2008

Bayi Cerdik

It's natural for parents to want an intelligent baby. But do they know how to boost their baby physically and mentally in order to help them be intelligent? Some babies are lucky to be born intelligent but others need some encouragement and special treatment.

Here I would like to share one book that really is a good read for any parents especially MOTHERS in helping them to know the best way to influence their baby.

The book is BAYI CERDIK by Rohani Abdullah and was published by PTS Publications & Distributors. It is written in Malay and has been a good help for many pre-school educators. I would suggest that Mothers READ this book. Better, if you have them by your side.

The Price is JUST RM19.00 and you can get it from MariBaca Bookstore with a 12% discount.

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