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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Amni was born on July 3rd. 2008

Parents: Ummi - Dr. Haslina, Abah - En. Rosdi
Birth place: Hospital Univ. Sains Malaysia
Time of birth: between 10am - 10.45am (Auntie couldn't get your exact time)
Family waiting: Abah, Tok Mek and Auntie

Here comes the baby! Amni (right then, no name yet) after one hour into this world. Auntie has become the 2nd. person form the family to see you... happy! happy! Welcome to the family Amni! Your Ummi and Abah should be proud of you. What a big healthy baby girl! 3.5 kg. weight.

Waiting in the trolley for your first bath. Looking RED and BIG. At that time, you and your Ummi were put in a maternity ward, Room Anggerik. Your bed was so close to the nurses' station. Auntie still remember the stern nurse who yelled at Auntie for using a camera inside the ward. Well, I'm sorry I don't know the rule then. Pshhh!

You look like your big brother, Abang Ikhwan. I think your gene must be most from our side of the family not like your big sister, Kak Iffah. Anyway, you are still ours! We loved every babies that came to our family. It means that you are Tok Mek's and Tok Ayah's 15th grandchild. Wow!

Sleeping peacefully after the nurse bathe you. Looking so fresh and clean. That's why I love babies. I took this picture using my camera phone (nurse can't know that!). Amni so 'comel' and cute.

Close-up. After this last picture, you got some visitors especially your Ummi's colleagues and juniors from the Dentistry Dept. I can say that, everyone of them were drooling over you. Because your such a fresh baby (but sleeping all through out the commotion). Well, that's the journal for your first day.

I was hoping that, I can share this blog with your Ummi so that all of us can see you growing up through the photo journal.

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