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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Month Old Amni

Pictures were taken today around 6.30pm at Tok Mek's house. Auntie stopped there to see Tok Mek. I knew that she's not well since last night. I'm so sorry and sad looking at Tok Mek, lying there with a backache and headache. I tried giving her some massages to relieve the pain but what can my nimble fingers do? Tok Mek is my mom and I don't wish to see her sick. May Allah give her health and helps her overcome the pain. Mama gave her a shot and we pray that she'll recover soon. All along, you were there sleeping peacefully near Tok Mek. Or... were you praying for her too?

Angry Amni. I try to wake you up again but to no avail. You just make some streching movements and went back to sleep.

Smiling in you sleep. Sweet dream sweety. Dream of a beautiful dream.

Being annoyed by disturbing aunties. Luckyly your big brother and sister followed your Abah to Tesco. Big Bro Ikhwan is having fever but still he wants to tag along... don't want to miss going to shopping mall.

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